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We are committed to using all natural and organic products to enhance your beauty and look after your skin

#Olive Soap is 100% Natural Soap made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Holy Land.

More than 400 years know-how of making soaps. #Olive Soap comes from a family well-known for hundreds of years for their vintage making of soap. Soap making recipes passed down from generation to generation. They make the soap according to the ancient formula accounting for the power of natural beauty, using safe, all natural, environmentally friendly and chemical-free ingredients.

#Olive Soap contains no preservatives and is not tested on animals. Because only natural ingredients are used, without synthetic components, the soap is biodegradable. The soap does not harm the environment.

#Olive Soap is 100% natural and contain, depending on the kind of soap, about 62-80% of olive oil.
Olive oil respects the skin balance, nourishes the skin intensely and keeps up the moisture content.

Various essential oils, natural herbs and other natural ingredients are added to the olive oil to complement the therapeutic and aromatic properties of the soap. These ingredients include, but are not limited to, mud and minerals from the Dead Sea, dried herbs, tea tree or lavender oil.